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This is by far my favorite Testlab Outbreak so far.....I really REALLY like how these turned out! I presented this at the Bladeshow and got VERY good feedback on it so I guess I was not alone on liking it.

The specs are as follows: 4" Blade, 8.8" overall with a .200" thick RWL-34 blade. As allways these are cryotreated and end up at 60Rc.

Usually I have some spots available when I present a new Outbreak but this time I brought 3 with me for the show that all sold and the remaining 2 places in line is gone. So no more will be made available in the Outbreak phase. Hoever I have decided to add this model with only minor changes to my standard lineup (see www.ansoknives.com). It is called Rasta.

To learn more contact me at outbreak@ansoknives.com