The official beginning of the Testlab Outbreak project came early 2007 and was something I had been looking very much forward to. I can tell you all that you will be in for a treat. I plan on being able to present at least one Testlab Outbreak every month, maybe more.

So what is this Testlab Outbreak thing? This is a way of being more innovative and explore different new designs, textures, tecnics and more. The resulting knives will be VERY limited in numbers and should be very collectable. I will be making a max of 3-6 of each of these in the first phase. Some of them will even be one of a kind. Some might later evolve into standard models but the prototypes will vary from these a great deal and will be marked with either my new outbreak logo or simply "Outbreak". Should I decide to make more of a particular model it will get the markings I usually put on my "regular" folders.

Jens Ansø